COVID-19 Information

January Update (As of 1/3/21)

Governor Inslee announced new Covid-19 restrictions and requirements which have gone into effect this week. You can find more details here:

Number 12 pertains to religious services. From the beginning of this pandemic, we have committed to following the state and county guidelines to the best of our ability, and have attempted even more caution, from the motivation of love and the conviction of care for our entire community. For example, although we could have met indoors we chose to remain outside. 

At Field Church our ministry team and all who have volunteered for set-up, clean-up, welcome, children, music/tech, have done an exemplary job following state and county guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible. We are committed to continuing this effort. For everyone who has attended, thank you for complying. If you will continue to join us, please maintain vigilance so that our community can curb the surge in Covid-19 cases. Please limit social interactions at this time and maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between households at all times. 

While we long for the day when meeting indoors poses little concern for Covid-19 exposure, may we not miss the opportunity to grow in this season. Field Church will grow our resiliency, our longing, and our vision. Following Jesus was never intended to be easy. It is costly, uncomfortable, and challenging. It takes faithfulness, endurance, and grit. Not every season is the same, but we’re in one that will test our resolve. May we grow in resiliency. May we not forget that the church throughout history has had to endure persecution, suffering, hardship and marginalization. And it was often that in these very times the church grew most! When the cure comes and the pandemic ends, may we never again take for granted the freedoms to assemble, to sing together, to share meals and hugs. In the meantime, longing (and perhaps long-suffering) is necessary.

And finally–perhaps most importantly–may our vision of becoming a church with no walls be firmly established in this time. Church is not a Sunday morning service, a set of worship songs, and a sermon. These are “expressions” of the church. We are the church when we as followers of Jesus re-present him to our world. When we show mercy, hospitality, generosity, and compassion. When we welcome and love the hurting, outcast, marginalized, poor, and abused. When we go into the “fields” to be present and to serve all peoples. When we ask others (like our friend Geoff Smith) “Is there anything in the whole wide world that I can do for you today?”

We are seeing walls break down between us and our community at Food Truck Fridays. Surrounded by hungry people Jesus told his disciples “you give them something to eat.” In the midst of a hard season, we are offering hope. In the midst of a hard season, God wants us to grow softer hearts. Will you join us? Dig in. Bundle up! Encourage one another, and all the more as we long for a new day to come! (Hebrews 10:25). 

This is what I’m calling us to. We do not anticipate moving back indoors for Sunday services until our county progresses into Phase 3 (as outlined by Gov. Inslee’s Safe Start measure).

Love you church. Miss you. Hope to see you soon.

Pastor Ben