COVID-19 Information


Covid 19 Update – September 2021

We know that Covid 19 cases (delta variant) have continued to be high in the greater Seattle area, our state, and across most of our country. The vaccines remain highly effective against Covid 19 and the delta variant. King County continues to update their guidelines, especially regarding masks. We will monitor and respond as necessary. We have remained steadfast in our commitment to follow the guidelines to the best of our ability, desiring to love and care for everyone in our community. We don’t have to agree or be pleased with mask-wearing and social distancing, but we do hope to help end this pandemic, not prolong it. You can find more details on King County guidelines here:

At this time we still believe we can safely return to meeting indoors. It’s been a long, hard, and amazing year at Field Church! Thank you to everyone who has endured and grown with us.

We urge you to take extra caution and connect/watch online if you or household members are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms. Let’s commit to keeping one another healthy and safe this fall and winter. We will get through this together.

Hope to see you soon. Grace and peace.

Pastor Ben and Elders