This week we are looking at David and Goliath. See how David got his strength from the Lord and relied on Him for equipping to help him fight Goliath. How have you been equipped this week to help others or fight your own battle? 

-Ms. Jenna

This week in toddler’s, we are learning a new song: This Little Light of Mine. Sing along and learn the hand motions, and enjoy coloring the sheet reminding us to be God’s light in the world!
 -Ms. Jenna

This week we are learning about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. There is a lot about God’s power is this story as well as following and listening closely to God’s Word. See how Joshua follows the Lord and is faithful to Him!
-Ms. Jenna

Toddler’s are reviewing God’s Creation. See if you can find a good children’s story that talks about God’s Creation and read it together. Here is one example online you could try listening to together!
 -Ms. Jenna

I can’t believe we are in 18 weeks at home church already. This week in K-5th we are taking a minute to pause, pray and reflect on how Jesus is working in us. How have you grown in through the work of the Holy Spirit? How has Jesus been talking to you? This week we will create a poster of words or pictures you can hang in your home somewhere to remind you of how you are growing. Here are some ideas: we have learned about serving our families, neighbors and community. We continue to grow in prayer.  The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and knowledge that we use to bless others. How have you been blessed or blessed others?
-Ms. Jenna

In toddlers we are finishing up learning about creation. There is a fun coloring book that you can put together and remember to talk with your preschooler about the 7 days of creation. Sing our songs together and keep practicing with sign language. Each day this week try and point out something new outside learn and talk together about creation.
 -Ms. Jenna

This week, we are going to look at the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Watch the video to the right and download the worksheet below!
-Ms. Jenna

Hello Toddlers! We are singing a Creation Song together using sign language, follow along with the video to learn this new song!
-Ms. Jenna

This week is our last week learning about how Jesus served others and encourages us to put others first and help each other with humility. Lord willing in July or August we can meet together and do our own service project with each other to serve the community. Listen and watch this story then see if you can make something to share with others and encourage them in some way this week. There are DIY kindness cards attached to help you think of new ideas to serve others.
-With love, Ms. Jenna

Toddlers will be working on a new song “He’s got the whole world in His hands” there is also a coloring page attached. Be encouraged to go outside and talk about all the things God created with your toddler/preschoolers. Sing some of the songs we’ve learned recently while walking and observing
 -Ms. Jenna

This week we are continuing our toddler study of Creation. K-5th are delving into Jesus serving others and His story of feeding the 5,000 in Matthew 14. We will also explore some projects to serve others and our community. Love you all!
-Ms. Jenna

This week K-5th grade is focusing on how we can put others before ourselves by looking at how Jesus served others. Toddlers are embarking on a journey learning about the 7 days of creation with Olivia. We hope you enjoy learning together as a family!

Happy June! We embark on a new learning journey this month. Classes in K-5 will be learning about Jesus’ character and how He continually showed servanthood in the bible. Toddlers and preschoolers will begin to learn about creation. I encourage you to get out doors and talk about all the wonderful things God created for us to enjoy. We are blessed by creation!

Hey UHC Kids! This week we hear from some real kids about their prayer life and how they live that out at home. Watch the video to find out. We will focus in our activities on praying for ourselves and others through two fun activities! Toddlers are learning about how much God loves them and everyone around them. Enjoy a wonderful children’s story and classic children’s song. Praying for you all individually today during my quiet time! -Ms. Jenna

Hi UHC Kids! This week we continue our study on why prayer matters and building a relationship with the Lord. You will do an at home scavenger hunt looking for ways we communicate with each other! I hope you enjoy our lesson! -Ms. Jenna

Hey Toddlers!  We are going to sing along with this song about Noah’s ark this week. We also have some great coloring sheets for you to enjoy as you sing! -Ms. Jenna

Hi UHC Kids and Family! This week we are learning to tell God our emotions through prayer. He is always listening. Enjoy this video from Crossroads Church and then make your own emotions board game or card game. You can get some great ideas HERE. Use your creativity and try to get the whole family involved! Praying for you!
-Ms. Jenna

Toddlers: See if you can sing along to Jesus loves me and learn some of the hand signs! See if you can sing with someone else in your family. You are loved!

This week in toddlers we are learning a new song with sign language “Jesus Loves Me.” Learn the signs together as a family and sing along. There is an additional coloring page to color. This week in kids class (k-5) we are reviewing how we can establish a relationship with God through PRAYer. We will review the PRAY acronym from last week and you will discover and create a quiet prayer spot at home. With love in Jesus -Ms. Jenna.

This week are we are learning about different ways you can pray to God and develop a deeper relationship with Him. God longs for a deep relationship with His children on Earth. Watch his video from Crossroads church and think about how/where can you pray this week. Create a praise bookmark to keep in your bible or devotional to remind you of different ways you can pray. Also join us at 10Am for a live Zoom meeting with your church friends. We will play a game and chat with each other. Miss you all!

This week we are revisiting the parable of the sower. In preparation for this lesson look through your bible and see what verses remind you of winter and which ones remind you of spring. When you are reading those with your parents think about how Jesus uses both the parable of the sower and the picture of spring to talk about how we can grow in Jesus ourselves as well as grow others and prepare them for knowing who Jesus is.

Hi UHC families, today we are learning about Jesus’s love for us. He loved us so much he died for our sins so that we could have eternal life. The Pharisees questioned Jesus and in our lesson today you will learn how Jesus responded to Nicodemus, one of the Pharisees. I hope this lesson and activity bless you and your community this week. Download the lesson plan, read it with your family and then watch the video that accompanies the lesson. Take a family walk and spread the love of Jesus this week. Blessings to you all!

Hi Friends! Happy Easter, He is risen! Today I have for you fun Easter activities as well as a resurrection egg hunt. You can follow the Harris kids and learn about Jesus through this interactive egg hunt. Hopefully your parents picked up your very own egg set at church and activity packet. You can open one egg at a time with us as we learn about Jesus’ death and resurrection. In the activity packet there is a lego challenge. Can you build these easter themed ideas out of legos? There is also word scrambles, word searches and much more! I hope you have a blessing Easter and I hope you remember Jesus loves you today!

Hi UHC family! This is a kids lesson on “Jesus is our Savior” by Kidology. I thought your children may enjoy watching this in addition to the at home family lesson I am sending you. It is about 30 minutes, includes teaching, puppeteering, card tricks and worship all in one. In this video Dr. Carl Bastian demonstrates what it means to be saved by Jesus and rescued by Jesus. We also had the Albrights record some fun songs for your kids, so click HERE to watch the short video, and click below for the activity worksheet!

Ms. Jenna and her family help illustrate the Parable of the Sower this week, and have a great activity you can do at home!

Watch this video from Ms. Jenna along with the document below for an at-home kids service this week!