What are Growth Groups?

As we learn to live our lives with Jesus at the center, God’s purpose in our life grows and flourishes. Though the Bible is chock-full of direction on how to (and how not) to honor God, living out our faith in everyday life can sometimes feel daunting. Growth groups are designed to be spaces where we open God’s Word together in community, learning, discussing and becoming equipped to take action

Growth Groups each have a specific teaching focus and will often have various hands-on ways to engage what is learned outside the proverbial classroom. Groups change each season, depending on teachers’ availability, etc. Scroll down to see our current group offerings for the current season.  

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you abide in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit." John 15:5

Fall 2020

Bible Study – The Letter to the Colossians

Wednesdays 7 pm, UHC Fellowship Hall
Beginning November 4th in the UHC Fellowship Hall, there is a 6-8 week study of Colossians. The class will be every Wednesday at 7 pm and run for about one hour. Everyone is welcome from teenagers to seniors.

Why Colossians? In 62 AD, when Paul wrote this letter, it was a time of spiritual confusion. There were new philosophies, old philosophies, Roman deities, Greek deities, rules coming from different parts of society, carryovers from past religious thoughts, and political pressures. All of them were a distraction and a threat to this new church in Colossae. We face the same issues. Christianity is being threatened in many different ways. Being a follower of Jesus as the world around us tries to coerce us into compromise is the world of the 21st century. It can be difficult and confusing.

In this short letter, Paul teaches the people in the church at Colossae what it means to keep their focus on Jesus and how to do it. It is a lesson we vitally need to reflect on every day.

Allan Wenzel will be leading the class. There is no homework and no cost. Bring your Bible and curiosity. Lesson guides will be provided at the class. Please come and enjoy learning together. The discussion will be lively and will help to bind us together as we follow our God.

Register by filling out this form HERE or call the church, 425-868-5005.

Due to restrictions regarding in-person meetings while indoors, we need to have all participants register for the class to ensure our space is set up accordingly. Masks and social distancing rules will be followed so everyone is safe, windows will be open when we can. We will not be providing child care, but hopefully, parents, you can make arrangements and join us as well.

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