What are life groups

Life Groups are a place where we gather around a table and share a meal and a sense of Jesus’ mission together.  These times are informal and open to all, typically sharing a potluck dinner. It’s even a space where you’ll find that you can belong before you believe.

Our Life Groups generally meet twice per month and gather in various neighborhoods in the greater Redmond area. Each group has its own unique flavor, varying in ages and focus. Take a look at our current list of groups below to see which area, group focus and day/time might be a fit for you. 

Come to the table–we’ll have a space set just for you.

come to the table

Albright/Jenson Life Group | Redmond, near Microsoft. Distinctive: Potluck meal, adults and children. 1st/3rd Thursdays @ 6p.

Briscoe Life Group | Carnation, off Ames Lake Road. Distinctive: Potluck meal, adults. 1st/3rd Fridays @ 6p.

Ladies Life Group, Happ/ReedRedmond Ridge, Union Hill. Bible Study, coffee/tea, ladies. 1st/3rd Tuesdays @ 10a.

Winston Life Group | Union Hill, near the church.  Potluck meal, adults and children. 1st/3rd Thursdays @ 6p.

Worship Ministry Life Group | Sammamish. Potluck meal, for worship ministry participants. Monthly, Wednesdays @ 7p.

Youth Life Group | Union Hill, Patrick’s. Grades 6-12. Potluck meal, student-led music, discussion. 1st/3rd Sundays @ 6p.